Electric Vehicle sales overtake diesel

According to a report from the Department for Transport, Sales of hybrid and all-electric vehicles overtook sales of diesel vehicles in the second quarter of 2020.

Electric Vehicle Charging

One of the key differences for electric vehicle drivers is the ability to re-fuel at home or at work. Matt Browning Limited is an OLEV approved EV charge point installer with grant contributions available of up to £350 towards the cost of a EV charger installation at home or workplace. Our skilled electricians carry out high quality installations of EV chargers with a free survey in the Berkshire area and comprehensive quotation service.

EV Charger Installation

The advantage of a professionally installed mode 3 EV charger, over a basic charging cable plugged into a standard socket is charging speed and safety. For domestic installations a Mode 3 charger typically has a power rating of 7kW which can fully charge an EV in half the time of a basic charge lead - this means for a typical 60kWh battery vehicle, a full charge can be delivered overnight on the driveway. Smart charger technology allows EV owners to monitor the energy usage and cost of charging their vehicle.

For commercial workplaces where 3 phase electrical is often available, we can supply and install chargers with much higher output for faster charging, as well as smart controls allowing the building owner to control access to the chargers or set up a billing system to get a financial return.

At Matt Browning Ltd. our qualified and experienced electricians are trained in EV charging and carry out a full technical survey before the installation to ensure all safety requirements are considered. This also enables us to provide a fixed price quotation and ensures we can deliver a smooth, well planned and high quality installation.

Workplace EV Charge Point

If you are an existing electric vehicle owner, or looking to become an EV driver, please contact us to discuss the right EV charging options for your home or workplace.