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  • Replacing your fuse board or consumer unit is a specialist job that is best left to professionals. At Matt Browning Electrical, our electricians are qualified and experienced to carry out this work for you safely and efficiently. 
  • We offer a free survey visit to check your requirements.
  • We provide a free, no-obligation, written quotation for the work.
  • Work is completed in one day, with power switched off for 3 - 4 hours.
  • Before installing a new consumer unit, our electricians will inspect and test the existing wiring throughout your house. This ensures that the wiring is in a safe condition for continued, reliable use.  
  • Our skilled electricians install high quality consumer units with 30mA RCD safety protection and Individual Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB’s) for every circuit.
  • Once the new consumer unit is installed we carry out final safety tests, and check everything is working reliably.
  • An NICEIC Electrical Installation Certificate and Building Regulations Part P certificate are supplied on completion.  
  • Contact us to arrange a free survey.


Why upgrade to a new consumer unit 

The fuse box or consumer unit is the central part of your homes electrical installation and provides an essential safety function – cutting out the supply in the event of a fault to prevent fire or electric shock. However, many homes have fuse-boards in excess of 40 years old, and technology and safety expectations have moved on a lot since then. 

A new consumer unit includes modern MCB's (miniature circuit breakers) and RCD's (residual current devices). In the event of a fault with your wiring or electrical appliances, these safety devices automatically switch off the supply in a fraction of a second and protect against faults which an older fuse board cannot detect. With so much more electrical equipment being used in the modern home compared to 40 years ago, upgrading your fuse box to the latest standards ensures that this equipment and the people who use it are protected.

It's not just the really old looking fuse boxes with replaceable fuse wire that may need upgrading. Almost all alterations or additions to your existing wiring, and any new wiring such as additional sockets; cables buried in walls; bathroom and outdoor electrics, now require additional protection by 30mA RCD. Some consumer units installed a decade or two ago may not provide this safety protection for every circuit, so if you are having any electrical work carried out, its essential to check the consumer unit or fuse-board first, as this may affect the cost of a relatively minor alteration.  Our experienced and qualified electricians will carry out a free survey and advise what is needed to ensure your electrical installation is safe and complies with the latest standard, so call us at Matt Browning Electrical to arrange an appointment. We cover Bracknell, Wokingham, Reading, Ascot, Windsor, Camberley, Maidenhead, Egham, and most surrounding areas.

Amendment 3 of BS 7671:2015 Wiring Regulations requires that all new consumer units installed in domestic dwellings after January 2016 must be manufactured from non-combustible materials to reduce the risk of fire. In practice this means that the enclosure or box must be made of metal. At Matt Browning Electrical, our electricians have been installing metal electrical distribution boards in commercial premises for many years, so we welcome this change to a safer, more robust standard.

For more information on consumer units and fuse boxes please give us a call or have a look at this guide from the Electrical Safety Council:   http://www.esc.org.uk/public/home-electrics/fuseboxes-explained/

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