Electrical Safety Inspections

To protect people and property every electrical installation should be inspected and tested periodically to ensure it remains in safe condition for continued use.

Electrical wiring and the associated accessories (eg sockets, fuse boards, light fittings) deteriorate due to age and wear & tear; this can lead to risk of potentially fatal electric shock or fire. A periodic inspection is recommended every 10 years for private homes, and more frequently for rented homes. We regularly carry out these important safety inspections and provide our clients with a full written report known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report (or E.I.C.R.)

Why have an Electrical Installation Condition Report?

  • Home buyer – make sure the electrics in your new home are safe. Most house buying surveys do not cover the electrical installation. We can arrange to carry out an electrical inspection before you complete your purchase, helping you to avoid any unforeseen future costs
  • Concerned home owner – if your electrics are old and have not been checked for a long time, or if you frequently experience flickering lights, blown fuses, or circuit breakers tripping then a safety inspection is recommended.
  • Landlord – If you privately let a domestic house or flat, then most professional lettings agents require an electrical safety certificate. By having an up to date Electrical Installation Condition Report, you can prove that you have taken your tenants safety seriously. See our landlords page for more details.
  • Fire or Flood – If your property has experienced major damage it is wise to get the electrical installation checked and the results properly documented.

What does an Electrical Safety Inspection Involve?

Similar to a vehicles MOT, an Electrical Installation Condition Report documents the condition of your electrical wiring and gives you a clear, concise, safety verdict (Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory) as well as a summary of the overall condition.  In addition, the  report also details any defects found and tells you how serious they may be.

For an average house the inspection and testing procedure takes 2-4 hours. The size of the property, any outbuildings, swimming pools, garden power & lighting etc. all affect the time and cost of an E.I.C.R.  Please call us to discuss your requirements and we will provide a fixed price quotation for an inspection specifically tailored to your needs. 

The inspection & testing involves minimal disruption to the property. We do not need to lift floorboards, or make any mess. The procedure starts with walking around every room and outbuilding to make a visual inspection of the electrical installation. We then carry out a detailed set of tests at the fuse board / consumer unit and at sockets, light fittings, and other electrical outlets throughout the property. Once our on-site work is complete, we take our results back to the office to assess all the measurements and compile your report.


What does the report contain?

The report documents any defects that are found, ranging from immediately dangerous faults to minor faults and recommendations for safety improvements. We will usually provide a competitive written quotation for any such remedial work; however our reports are always written in sufficient detail that should you wish to, you can easily use them to obtain alternative quotations from other electricians.

Find out more about the Electrical Installation Condition Report with these helpful guides from the Electrical Safety Council 

Examples of problems we have found during inspections:  

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